Build A Block Whitepaper

Official Whitepaper 2022


This whitepaper provides an overview of the Build a Block Business and Ecosystem, and details its core ideas, concepts and principles. It proposes a detailed explanation of the Build a Block business model, and demonstrates the advantages this DeFi company possesses.

This paper also explains the profit sharing understanding between Build a Block and its investors. It provides information regarding the Build a Block ecosystem, and how Build a Block’s native yield farm generates additional volume, revenue and stability with the intent of supporting the Build a Block Business and ecosystem as a whole. Finally, this whitepaper provides an overview of $BUILD token’s tokenomics and fee distribution, as well as an explanation and analysis of both the $BUILD and $BLOCKIFY utilities, and how these tie into one another in an effort to grow and expand the ecosystem as a whole.

Build A Block
Business Model

Build A Block aims to deliver the high quality Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency related development services, at an affordable rate and within as short a timeframe as possible. Unlike many other developmental service channels, Build A Block is not a freelance platform. Each and every developer working for Build A Block and its clients has been tried, tested and vetted by the team, in order to assure a delivery of the highest possible quality.

Build A Block operates as a decentralized DeFi company, with BUILD Token operating as the decentralized “shares” of said company. When a service is delivered to a Build A Block client, the profits generated from this sale are used to buy and burn BUILD Token, increasing the price and price floor in a consistent manner. After every service sold, a subsequent “service sale announcement” is made in the official Build A Block announcement channel and Telegram group. Buys and burns resulting from profit generated by the Build A Block business is part of the profit sharing understanding between Build A Block and its investors. More information about BUILD Token and Build A Block’s profit sharing understanding is available in the following sections of this whitepaper.

Build A Block aims to maintain a 30% profit margin on services sold. A base list of the Build a Block services can be viewed in our official Telegram chat group and on the official Build a Block website. These services are “ready to go” developments which Build A Block offers to clients. Build A Block also offers the option of custom developments to clients, however the base services are typically cheaper and faster to create than custom orders. To order both base and custom developments, clients must simply contact either the official build services Telegram account, or contact one of Build A Block’s core developers via the Build A Block official Telegram chat. They may also send an email to the official Build A Block email address. All contact information is available for viewing on Build A Block’s official website. Clients may expect a response delay of 12-24 hours.

Build A Block
Profit Distribution

Build A Block’s business model is based in large part in the profit sharing understanding which exists between Build A Block and its investors. When a payment is made by a client for the delivery of a service, Build A Block’s backend team receives the amount agreed upon as payment for their work hours. The profit consists of the remaining capital generated by the service sale. While profit margins vary depending on the development requested, Build A Block typically aims to maintain a profit margin of 30% on sales. These profits are used to buy BUILD tokens, and subsequently burn the tokens purchased. This allows Build A Block’s investors to benefit in multiple ways from the profits generated by the Build A Block business.

Firstly, holders of BUILD token benefit directly from these sales via an increase in price of BUILD token, and therefore an increase in the value of their token holdings. Secondly, every burn decreases the supply of BUILD tokens available for purchase on the market. Not only does this burn directly increase the price of the remaining tokens available for purchase, it also creates greater scarcity, making it slightly harder to purchase substantial amounts of BUILD tokens with each burn transaction. This reinvestment of the business profits generated by Build A Block and the subsequent burn of the tokens purchased constitute the profit sharing understanding between Build A Block and its holders.

BUILD Token: Stock

BUILD Token operates as the unofficial decentralized “shareholdings” of the Build A Block DeFi company. It acts as a medium between Build A Block and its investors, attributing a greater value to the investment of its shareholders in a direct manner. BUILD Token is bought back and burned with every service sold, allowing its holders to benefit directly from business revenue through an increase in price.

BUILD Token also acts as a medium of value for the Build A Block DeFi company. It allows for investors to buy and sell the token depending on their personal valuation of the Build A Block business. In this manner, BUILD Token acts in much the same way a stock does; Its given price is not a direct representation of the business’s valuation, seeing as it also takes into account the personal valuations of past and present shareholders. Continuing this comparison, the buying and burning of BUILD Token with the profits generated is the equivalent of “Stock Buybacks”. A few important distinctions must be made here. The first distinction which must be made is the fact that Stock Buybacks are typically done with a very small portion of the total profits generated by any given publicly tradable company, whereas Build A Block uses the large majority, and oftentimes the entirety of the profits generated through sales to buy and burn BUILD Token.

Another important distinction to make is that when stocks are bought back, they cannot be “burned”, or fully taken off the market. The burn mechanism employed by BUILD after every service sale related buy also creates a direct increase in the price of BUILD Token, and proposes another advantage of tokenized “shareholdings”. Finally, it is of essential importance to note that in the token space, “buybacks” typically refers to the practice of buying a token with the funds generated from transaction fees of this same token. This practice simply requires a “recycling” of funds already within the token’s ecosystem. This is not the case for BUILD. All buys and burns completed by the team occur as a result of an external generation of funds permitted by the sale of DeFi and Blockchain developmental services.

Build A Block

The Build A Block ecosystem is an independently operating, yield farm based entity in which Blockify Token plays a central part. Block Farms, Build A Block’s native yield farm, allows its users to generate passive income in a sustainable fashion. It also creates support and generates growth for Build A Block, automatically buying and burning BUILD Token with a portion of the royalty fees collected on Blockify transactions. The listings of pools and pairs for external projects also creates greater demand for Blockify, and greater growth for Build A Block by extension.

When farming, users of Block Farms will add liquidity between two tokens, and deposit the LP Tokens they receive as a result in their chosen pool. All farming rewards are distributed in the form of Blockify, Block Farms’ native farm token. Blockify Token emits a set number of tokens per block, distributing these proportionally throughout the farm depending on predetermined pool multipliers. Its emission is constantly decreasing, and burn mechanisms are in place to help support price and keep farming rewards sustainable. More information about Blockify and its tokenomics can be found in the official Blockify whitepaper, available for viewing through the official Block Farms website.

The Block Farms platform also offers staking options to users who prefer single asset staking to farming. These staking pools are beneficial for multiple reasons. Firstly, they allow holders to earn a passive return without the need for a second asset. Secondly, a large portion of the available pools necessitate a Blockify stake for users to generate returns. This provides a compounding option for people farming. In this manner, people generating rewards through farming can use the Blockify they earn in order to generate a compounded return in the token of their choice. In this way, users may generate substantial and sustainable returns without ever selling Blockify, and may compound their earnings without ever needing to add additional funds out of pocket.

Developers of external projects may also choose to list their token on the Block Farms platform. This listing will take the form of a (Token Name) - Blockify farm pool, operating in conjunction with a Stake Blockify - Earn (Token Name) Community Staking Pool. These external listings are beneficial to the Build a Block and Blockify ecosystem in multiple ways. Build A Block charges a listing fee for projects wishing to list on Block Farms. This listing fee is used to buy and burn BUILD Token. Similarly to service sales, an announcement about this listing and burn transaction is subsequently made in the Build A Block and Blockify official Telegram Channels and chat groups. These external listings also create a greater demand for Blockify token, as holders of the externally listed token must purchase Blockify in order to generate passive returns. Subsequently, this generates additional volume, revenue, growth and liquidity strength for Build A Block and its ecosystem. Certain requirements must be met in order to be eligible for a Block Farms listing. Please contact one of our core developers to find out if your token is eligible to be listed.

Build A Block

Build A Block Token has an initial total supply of 1 Billion (1 000 000 000) BUILD tokens.

This supply is constantly decreasing due to the regular buys and burns, which occur due to services sold.

All Buy, Sell and transfer transactions are subject to a fee of 10%.

This transaction fee is collected by the developer team and used with the intent of growing and expanding Build A Block’s business and ecosystem. This happens in a variety of ways. Firstly, these funds are used to strengthen liquidity throughout pools and pairs, both directly within Build A Block’s liquidity pools as well as throughout the yield farm. These funds are also used to pay for Build A Block’s native developments (developments created specifically for use by the Build A Block community), as well as create and test new utilities with the intent of expanding Build A Block’s “ready to go” services list in order to cater to the needs of as many developers as possible. Transaction fees on BUILD Token are also used to fund Build A Block’s marketing process, and are used to pay for advertisements and promotions. As Build A Block grows and establishes itself as a company, this transaction fee will be lowered and eventually removed, allowing for free trade of the BUILD Token asset. The company and ecosystem will thus run solely on funds generated through the Build A Block business.


This White Paper consists of information given for discussion purposes only and does not represent investment advice of any kind. Further, it does not constitute an offer to sell shares or securities nor does it constitute a solicitation to buy such shares or securities. None of the information found within is intended to influence any investment decision nor should it be the basis of an investment decision of any kind.

Investment advice for investment in any security, or any tax or legal advice should only be given by an investment advice firm, and Build A Block Token is not an investment advice firm. Build A Block Token encourages readers to seek appropriate and independent professional advice to inform themselves of the legal requirements and tax consequences of any investments they make, both within Build A Block Token and within the blockchain industry as a whole.

Investments should only be done with the help of an independent financial advisor within the context of the countries of their citizenship or residence, and their place of business with respect to the acquisition, holding or trade in Build A Block Token or any other tokens.

Please note that this White Paper does not constitute an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, for any person for whom it may be unlawful to participate in a token sale. Those for whom it is unlawful to participate should not participate. Consult with your own lawyer or accountant to determine whether it is lawful for you to participate in this token sale. This White Paper should in no way be construed as being intended to create a contract for investment.

This White Paper (Edition 1.0) may be revised, with the newest edition always appearing on our website. For each revision cycle, we will provide notes on what has changed the justification for the change. Updated versions of the White Paper (as indicated by consecutive edition numbers) may contain information which may override, clarify or contradict previous editions, in which case the latest version should be considered the most accurate and up to date. Because of this, versions which are found outside of the official Build A Block Token website may contain out-of-date or inaccurate information.