Build A Block
DApp Development

Build A Block offers both 'ready to go' DApp solutions as well as fully custom Builds.

DApp Solutions

Wrapped Token
A Wrapped version of your token with a 1:1 tethered value to the main token. A Wrapped Token allows for cross chain bridging, 0% transfer fees, and easy staking pool integrations.
Deployed on any EVM blockchain
Wrapper DApp
A custom decentralized application which allows users to both wrap and unwrap tokens in one click. Users connect wallet and can interchange between both tokens. They may also add the contract addresses and logos of both tokens to their wallets. The DApp can be fully customized and specific requests can be integrated.

Compatible with: MetaMask & TrustWallet
Starting From $650 (wToken + Dapp)
Native Swap
A custom swap dApp allowing users to buy, sell and add liquidity to any token. Swap dApps operate via PCS routers. A completely custom UI design is included.

Proprietary Swaps with custom routers and specifications are available upon request.
Starting From $700
Staking DApp
A custom tailored, native staking platform/decentralized application where users can earn passive income and rewards.

Choose any token to stake/earn and chose between a variety of different types of staking pools.
Starting From $1100
Native Launchpad
A fully customized and proprietary launchpad platform. Users can create, customize and deploy token smart contracts.

Choose to deploy pre-sales or fair launches, and take advantage of multiple other protocols of your choosing (Token Sender, Token Locker, KYC Services and more)

All fees and inner-workings are completely customizable, and custom requests can be implemented.

Can be deployed on a single EVM Chain, or multiple.
Starting From $5500
Liquidity Locker
A custom made, native liquidity locker designed as per your specifications. Our liquidity lockers come built with proprietary locker smart contracts, allowing you to choose and collect all the fees.

Lockers can be developed for a single chain, or can be built for cross chain use. You may choose to allow the users of your liquidity locker to pay in BNB, as a percentage of LP, or both. These fees and percentages are all customizable.
Starting From $4000

NFT Services

Create your NFT collection from A to Z using Build Services.
A fully native NFT staking decentralized application. NFT Staking DApps can be customized and tailored at your requests.

NFT holders can earn rewards of your choice by staking their NFT. Choose between a variety of staking pool options.

Deployed on any EVM Blockchain
Starting from $2000
NFT Mint DApp
A DApp allowing your users to mint your proprietary collection of NFTs. Simply Provide Build a Block with the jpeg pictures of your collection, and receive a custom built Mint DApp.

Build a Block will compile your NFT collection’s metadata, build your NFT smart contract, and create your Mint DApp, all according to your specifications.

The price per NFT minted, the number of NFTs and the maximum number of NFTs per mint transaction are all customizable.

Mint DApps can be built on any EVM Blockchain.
Starting from $1000

Lottery DApp BSC

A native lottery dApp tailored to your token.
The lottery DApp includes 3 separate lotteries:
Native Token Lottery
A Token Lottery allows the holders of your token to buy lottery tickets with their tokens. A winner is randomly chosen to win the pool. The pool percentage allocated to the lottery winner, the pool percentage allocated to the burn wallet, and the ticket price are all customizable.
BUSD or BNB Lottery
A BUSD/BNB Lottery allows anyone to buy lottery tickets using BUSD and BNB. A winner is randomly chosen to win the pool. The pool percentage allocated to the lottery winner, the pool percentage allocated to buying and burning a token of your choice, and the ticket price are all customizable.
Instant Draw Lottery
An instant draw lottery can be compared to a “scratch ticket”; Users can buy a ticket with BUSD, and instantly know if it is a winner.

Instant Draw Lotto prizes include:

  • BUSD
  • BNB
  • Native Token

Starting From $800 (3 Pack)

* Sold together or Separately

Yield Farming Ecosystems

Offer your community new ways to earn passively with our yield farm services.
Native Yield Farm + Farm Token

A full yield farm platform and ecosystem, which allows users to passively earn, and distributes rewards in the farm’s proprietary token.

Users can farm custom liquidity pairs of your choosing, and earn your farm token for doing so.

Fees can be collected on deposits and/or withdrawals. Your farm token can be set to buy and burn another token of your choosing, or operate independently. You choose the platform and token fees.

Farm Tokens have special emission features, which can be programmed according to the client's request.

Includes: Home Page with wallet tracker, Price Trackers, and Token Stats. Page for all farm pairs, page for the opening of staking pools.

More can be integrated upon request

STARTing FROM $7500
Frontend Farm
A customized front end design for a yield farm tailored to your token, which runs on the Blockify backend and code.

Blockify is the native token of Build a Block’s yield farm ecosystem. A Frontend Farm allows you and your holders to benefit from Blockify and yield farm technology, without having to pay the price of a full yield farm!

Using Blockify as your custom built farm’s native token, you can open proprietary farm pools and staking pools which allow your users to earn passive income in a variety of ways. When users farm using your token and Blockify, you also benefit from greater liquidity strength and external pairs, creating self sustainability for your token.

STARTing FROM $1500
BlockFarms Farm Listing (BSC)

A farm pool on BlockFarms (BuildABlock's Yield Farm platform), which allows users to farm between your BEP-20 token and Blockify (BlockFarm's native farm token) to earn passive income.

The use of this pool also provides your token with the creation of a new LP pair which can strengthen your token's liquidity.

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BlockFarms Staking Listing (BSC)

A Staking Pool on the BlockFarms platform which allows users to stake and earn passive income on their holdings.

Each Pool requires funding in your native token.

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Providing top-of-the-line solutions for application development and Play2Earn gaming platforms.
App Development

A completely custom and proprietary mobile compatible application, built to meet the standards on IOS and Google Play.

All custom application developments support web3 js integration.

Simply make an inquiry detailing what you want to build, and we will begin developing your application.

Price on request
Play2Earn Development

Fully customized Play 2 Earn games, built according to your specifications.

Play 2 Earn games can be built with or without the integration of NFTs, and are designed so that your users can earn your token or any other token simply by playing the game.

At your request, Build a Block can suggest Play 2 Earn game developments, which will then be remodeled to fit the needs of your token or project. We can also build any custom games which you have conceptualized.

Price on request

Custom Service

Custom Service


Request a custom service from Build A Block.


A team member will consult with you in order to grasp the full picture of the service requested.

Delegating tasks

Build a Block’s team will then provide the details of the requested service to the team members whose specialities are required.

High-quality service

All custom services developed by Build A Block are of the highest quality. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Build A Block offers any and all custom services, and strives to meet the individual needs of every client. No service is too big or too small!
No service is too big or too small!