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Build A Block’s native collection of decentralized applications, web3 protocols, agency extensions and subsidiary platforms.

DApp Centre

Build Locker
Ensure the security of your project by locking your LP tokens with Build A Block’s native liquidity locker.
Use Build’s Liquidity Locker
Dex Aggregator
Find the best price on any trade across over 20 blockchains using Build A block’s DEX Aggregator.
Use Build’s DEX Aggregator
Stake, Farm and Earn passively via Build A Block’s native & proprietary yield farming ecosystem.
Use Build’s Native Yield Farm
Build A Block’s native Decentralized Exchange. Trade or contribute liquidity to your favourite tokens.

Powered by Build

Subsidiaries and extensions of the Build A Block Development Agency.
An all-in-one decentralized platform for blockchain based CrowdFunders, Fundraisers and ICOs. Powered by Build.
A deposit based, P2P Centralized Exchange integrating the advantages of decentralization. Powered by Build..
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Build’s FAQ

Contact us anytime! We're happy to help with your questions or feedback via email, phone, or live chat. Visit our Medium blog for more resources.
All of Build A Block's developers are carefully handpicked and vetted. This allows us to deliver developments of a superior quality!
If you are a client or potential client, holding BUILD Tokens in your wallet may allow you to benefit from discounts and prioritizations on developments!
Build Token is Bought Back every time a development is delivered to a Build A Block client.
Both BUILD Token and BUILD NFT holders receive rewards via staking platforms which are funded bi-weekly!
BUILD Token can be purchased via decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap.