Build A Block

Build A Block offers both basic 'ready to go' services as
well as fully custom Builds.

Smart Contracts

We offer smart contract development for efficient and secure
automation of your business agreements
Basic Smart Contract

A pre-built token smart contract with basic functionalities, tailored and customized to the details and specifics of your token project. Build A Block’s basic smart contracts are compatible with all EVM Blockchains.

STARTing FROM $200
CUSTOM Smart Contract

A fully custom built token smart contract, developed as per your specifications.

Custom token smart contracts allow you to have full control over the functionality and operability of your token. Build A Block will never implement functions designed purposefully for malicious intent inside any smart contract. Build A Block’s custom smart contracts are compatible with all EVM Blockchains

STARTing FROM $350
OTHER Smart Contracts
Fully customizable smart contracts of any kind. Build A Block can develop smart contracts with any and all necessary functionalities for your cryptocurrency or DeFi project.
Smart Contract MANAGEMENT

Launch Stress-Free with the Build a Block Smart Contract Management Program. Build A Block manages the launch and deployment of your token, ensuring safety against bots and snipers.

We also manage the execution of all requested smart contract functions for the duration of your project.

Since Build A Block retains ownership of any smart contract launched through the Smart Contract Management Program, it is also a way for you to ensure the safety of your token’s buyers.

STARTing FROM $500

Audit Services

We provide comprehensive audit services to ensure financial
compliance and accountability
Quick Audit (VIA BUILD)
A base level inspection of your token’s smart contract functions, as well as a report of its functionalities and security issues. Build A Block is not subject to any liabilities occurring as a result of the use of smart contracts having undergone a Quick Audit.
An in depth inspection of your token’s smart contract. Our Audits include a full report of all tests and inspections which your token’s contract was subjected to, as well as a detailed report of its functionalities and security issues. Build A Block is not subject to any liabilities occurring as a result of the use of smart contracts having undergone a Full Audit.
3rd party audit sourcing

An externally sourced, 3rd party audit from a recognized audit company. 3rd Party Audits sourced by Build A Block are recognized and accepted by all DeFi platforms and Token Tracker Sites.

3rd Party Audits include a full report of your smart contract’s functionalities and security issues. A report of the tests run on your smart contract is also provided. Neither Build A Block nor the 3rd Party Audit company is subject to any liabilities occurring as a result of the use of smart contracts having undergone an Audit.


Decentralized Solutions

Transform your digital experience with our blockchain and Web3 services with our innovative decentralized solutions
Cross Chain Services

Build A Block offers the development of any and all cross chain services.

A cross chain bridge for your token: Allow your token to be traded on multiple EVM Blockchain networks, while allowing your users to bridge this token between chains through a 1:1 valued pair.

A cross chain bridge: A platform allowing your users to swap cross chain, between the native Coins of different EVM Blockchains. A cross chain bridge can be built in cohesion with a multi chain swap upon request.

STARTing FROM $1900
Transaction Inspection Services

Build a Block offers the full inspection of transaction hashes associated with the tokens or projects of your choice.

Our transaction inspection service allows you to expose any illegitimate activity which may be occurring, providing you with an in depth analysis of the safety of your investment.

Website Design

A fully customized website tailored to your needs. Websites vary based on your budget. All websites are built by our professional team of web designers.

Build A Block will develop a website according to your specifications. Upon request, Build A Block can also fully design and conceptualize your website.

Web3 Assistance

Contact Build A Block for assistance, consultation or problem solving for anything Web3!

Build A Block offers technical support to anyone experiencing difficulties with Web3 technology. Our team of professionals will assist with any issue.

If you are developing an idea and need some help, or if you wish to know the feasibility of your concept before releasing it to the public, Build A Block is here to help


Design & Media

We specialize in crypto design and media services to help your
project stand out in the blockchain industry
NFT Design & Conception

Take advantage of Build A Block’s specialized team of NFT designers to create an NFT collection of the highest quality!

Build A Block will design and help conceptualize your NFT collection from start to finish. We will work closely with you in order to ensure that your NFT Collection looks exactly the way you had imagined it!

Graphic Design

Professional graphic services tailored to your project’s needs.

Graphic design services include the creation of logos, stickers and promotional designs for your token or project. They also include the formatting and design of official documents and/or reports associated with your project. All graphic design services are custom tailored to match the theme of your token of project.


A professionally written whitepaper for your cryptocurrency token, project or business. Our whitepapers are written according to your specifications by our team of professional writers, and graphically designed and formatted by our graphic designers.

Video Services

Videos created according to the needs and specifications of your token or project.

Video services include the creation of promotional and/or instructional videos. Build A Block’s video services are created with the utmost quality in mind, and are designed to highlight the most positive and advantageous aspects of your token of project.


Custom Service

Custom Service


Request a custom service from Build A Block.


A team member will consult with you in order to grasp the full picture of the service requested.

Delegating tasks

Build a Block’s team will then provide the details of the requested service to the team members whose specialities are required.

High-quality service

All custom services developed by Build A Block are of the highest quality. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Build A Block offers any and all custom services, and strives to meet the individual needs of every client. No service is too big or too small!
No service is too big or too small!