Build A Block Roadmap

Our roadmap outlines our project's timeline and
milestones towards achieving our goals and vision

Roadmap V2

  • Build Website redesign / upgrades
  • Rewrite of Whitepaper
  • Audit of Build and Ecosystem Code
  • Verification + logo ; BscScan, Poocoin, PancakeSwap ...
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko screener listings
  • $100 000+ from sales
  • Expansion of Ecosystem
  • Quarterly Revenue Document
  • 100 Sales Made & delivered by Build A Block
  • Expansion of Company
  • Hiring New Developers
  • Start of CEX Listings
  • Further developing Brand image
  • Over 10 new "ready to go" services
  • Expanding Social Media Presence
  • Alternative Marketing takeover (outside of telegram, real world investors)
  • New Partnerships
  • Further facilitating fully automized service payment system
  • Implementation of world wide media advertisement
  • Google SEO's, ADS across the web
  • Beginning of Registered Tech Company partnerships
  • Facilitating the integration of Web3 in peoples real world businesses
  • Transitioning Build A Block in to prioritizing "real world" Web3 development
  • Tradable on MAJOR CEX's
  • Start of "The Merge"
  • 500 SALES
  • Incorporation of Build
  • Registering as a Company
  • Creation of Headquarters
  • Full team of remote and centralized employees
  • FIAT payments available
  • Automation of certain business components
  • Dedicated client management executives
  • Build A Block centre of Web3 development
  • Binance Listing
  • "THE MERGE" (Fully)
  • Creation of Share Holders Committee
  • 1000 sales
More Information and detail to be released here as we approach

Build’s FAQ

Contact us anytime! We're happy to help with your questions or feedback via email, phone, or live chat. Visit our Medium blog for more resources.
All of Build A Block's developers are carefully handpicked and vetted. This allows us to deliver developments of a superior quality!
If you are a client or potential client, holding BUILD Tokens in your wallet may allow you to benefit from discounts and prioritizations on developments!
Build Token is Bought Back every time a development is delivered to a Build A Block client.
Both BUILD Token and BUILD NFT holders receive rewards via staking platforms which are funded bi-weekly!
BUILD Token can be purchased via decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap .